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What Are The Problems Of Bauxite Mill In Summer

Last Update:2020-05-08 16:30:47

Yesterday, the temperature in Zhengzhou area reached 38% high temperature, which means that summer has officially arrived. What kind of problems will bauxite mills face when they are operating under high temperature? How can we prevent and solve it? Now let's share with you some of the problems of bauxite grinder in summer, so that users can prepare in advance. One of the more common is bearing heating. Generally speaking, there are many reasons for bearing heating, such as long-term operation will lead to bearing heating. However, in the hot summer, most users think that bearing heating is a very normal thing, so they don't pay attention to bearing damage. Therefore, once bearing overheating is found in production, it should be stopped and cooled in time to avoid other failures. In addition to the hot weather and long-term operation will cause the bearing to heat up, if the bearing contains impurities, it will cause the bearing to run unobstructed, which will directly cause the bearing to heat up, or even wear, thus greatly reducing the service life of the bearing, in addition, too much or too little lubricating oil will cause the bearing to heat up, these problems need our special attention. Because of the high temperature and rainy in summer, the bauxite mill will draw in tangential air from the lower part of the grinding ring. Through the grinding area between the grinding roller and the grinding ring, there are three grinding rollers installed on the plum blossom frame, which not only revolve around the central axis, but also rotate because of friction. When the material temperature is too high or the humidity is too high, it is easy to cause the quincunx frame unable to operate flexibly, which seriously affects the production progress.


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