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What Are The Models Of Mining New Crushers

Last Update:2020-05-10 04:03:28

Over the years, the crusher has been continuously upgraded according to the needs of customers to better adapt to the production demand. Today, in order to meet the demand of high material quantity and meet the limit of finished material quality, the new crusher gradually replaces the traditional crusher equipment. Of course, according to the needs, the new crusher equipment at this stage is also divided into many different types, such as our industry commonly used, mining new crusher, new jaw crusher, new cone crusher. There are many kinds of crushers, which undoubtedly provide more favorable support for better industrial processing.

Below, for the common types of new crushers, we will focus on the new jaw crusher today, and explain the precautions when purchasing such equipment. Front row: choose which crusher to use according to the characteristics of crushing materials. Take limestone as an example. If you are going to buy crusher to crush limestone, you have a wide choice of crusher types, because almost all crushers can crush limestone, such as the more commonly used new jaw crusher, new cone crusher, new impact crusher, new mining crusher, etc. Second: according to the requirements of technical parameters such as the feed size, discharge size and daily output of crushed materials, select the appropriate type and model in all crushers that can crush limestone. Third: after selecting the type of crusher, the auxiliary equipment of the whole crushing production line is designed and configured reasonably according to the characteristics of the crusher. For example, if the jaw crusher is selected, when designing the feeding equipment, it should be noted that the feeding equipment should be able to meet the requirements of uniform feeding without segregation. Because if the feed of jaw crusher is not uniform or there is segregation, the production capacity will be reduced, the product particle size is not uniform, the spring action is too frequent, and the power consumption will rise.

At the same time, it should be pointed out that for the selection of different types of new crushers, consumers must consider their own industrial needs in advance, and then make professional purchase. For example, the new jaw crusher, The two types of new cone crushers are commonly used crushers, but their characteristics are really different. For the new cone crushers, they use the laminated crushing principle to process materials, and the original cone crushers mainly implement crushing by static pressure, so they are not well controlled in the shape of discharge particles, resulting in great limitations in the field of use. Therefore, we must take a comprehensive consideration when purchasing. I hope the above introduction will help you.


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