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What Are The Methods To Reduce The Wear And Tear Of New Cone In China's Crushing Equipment Network

Last Update:2020-05-01 22:24:30

Cone crusher is a kind of relatively new crushing equipment, which is mainly used to crush materials with medium hardness and above in various industries. However, the wear of these materials with relatively large hardness on the relatively new crushing equipment is very serious. To reduce the wear of cone breaking is a thorny problem at present, and also an important factor affecting the efficiency of mineral processing industry. How to reduce the wear and tear of the equipment? There is a specific introduction on the Chinese crushing equipment website.

At the forefront, we need to understand the causes of wear and tear of newer crushing equipment, and solve these causes one by one. The unreasonable structure design, bad materials, incorrect operation steps and other factors will cause the wear of the equipment. The crushing equipment network suggests that the majority of manufacturers, in order to completely reduce the wear of the crushing equipment, must start from these causes of wear, only to solve the fundamental problem, can reduce wear.

Second, when the newer crushing equipment is cone broken for crushing operation, the base plate of the crushing equipment will be worn and severely damaged due to the impact of the ore with high hardness. In order to reduce the wear of the base plate, the excellence is to increase the wear-resistant type of the base plate, improve the strength and hardness of the base plate, and select excellent materials to make the base plate. For specific solutions, please refer to China crushing equipment network.

Third, in the cone wear of newer crushing equipment, the wear of several crushing parts is more serious. If the wear of this part can be reduced, the wear of the whole equipment can be reduced, and then the loss caused by wear can be eliminated. After blasting, ore and other materials have different sizes, shapes and evenness. If they are directly crushed without screening, the degree of wearing equipment will be improved. Therefore, before crushing, excellent screening should be carried out to select ore of uniform size for crushing, so as to greatly reduce the wear of ore on the equipment. For users who use cone crusher, excel multi crusher network understands how to reduce equipment wear and improve production efficiency.

As a relatively new crushing equipment, the use and wear degree of cone crusher are concerned by many friends. Only by finding problems and solving them in time, and constantly improving the crushing methods, can the wear of the equipment be greatly reduced and the production efficiency be improved. For users who don't know much about cone breaking and other crushing equipment, they can go to China crushing equipment network for understanding.


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