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What Are The Measures To Slow Down The Wear Of The Accessories Of The High Fine Grinding Machine

Last Update:2020-05-11 10:48:28

In the processing of ore materials, there is a great friction between the parts of the high-precision grinding machine. Once the parts of the high-precision grinder are seriously worn, the grinding efficiency and quality of the high-precision grinder will be affected to varying degrees. So, how should we slow down the wear of high and fine grinding machine accessories? Next, the dawn of Zhengzhou will analyze for you. First of all, the feeding device of the high fineness mill is the basis to ensure that the grinding operation can be carried out orderly. When the grinder is working, the grinding materials will enter the grinder through the feeding device. If the material hardness is too large, then after a long time of operation, it is bound to intensify the wear of the mill. In this case, we need to properly control the feed particle size and hardness, and do the corresponding maintenance work. Secondly, as an important supporting device in the high-precision pulverizer, the spindle bears the whole load operation of the pulverizer. With the increase of the running time of the high fine grinding machine, the bearing of the main shaft will wear to different degrees. Therefore, in order to slow down the wear of the main shaft of the high-precision grinding machine, the first thing we need to do is to establish a perfect lubrication system and prevent dust and impurities from entering the bearing, so as to ensure that the bearing can be well lubricated, so as to slow down the wear of the high-precision grinding machine components. Thirdly, the fittings such as blade, grinding roller and grinding ring are the parts which are in direct contact with the materials, and are also the important fittings in the high fine grinding machine. In the long-term grinding operation, there is not only friction between these parts and materials, but also friction between various parts, which will accelerate the wear of high-precision grinding machine parts. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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