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What Are The Measures To Avoid Crusher Wear In China's Crusher Network

Last Update:2020-05-14 10:37:24

With the improvement of technical level, there are more and more exchanges between domestic and foreign crushers, and Chinese crusher brands are getting better and better. Now there are more and more types of crushers, which are widely used in various industries, and even have irreplaceable position. Crusher for different hardness material processing has also been a lot of user's affirmation. But the crushing object of the crusher is not soft lying material after all, most of which are stones with certain hardness, etc., which is inevitable for the internal wear of the crusher. How to reduce the wear rate of the equipment and improve the service life of the equipment is a more difficult problem. Next, I will extract several measures to reduce the wear of crusher from China crushing machinery network, hoping to help users.

First of all, no matter what the problem is, we need to find out the cause of the problem before we can analyze the problem and finally solve it. This is also the case with the wear of the crusher. Only by understanding the causes of the wear of the crusher can the remedy be applied to the case. In China's crushing machinery network, it is said that the wear of the crusher may be caused by unreasonable structure design, bad materials, incorrect operation steps and other factors. Chinese crusher manufacturers suggest: if we want to really solve the problem of crusher wear, we should start from the causes of crusher wear, and start from the root to reduce wear more effectively.

In fact, reducing the wear of crusher equipment can also be considered from the wear resistance of crusher itself. China's crusher brand manufacturers have made some special designs according to the problem of crusher wear. The base plate of China's crusher for crushing equipment will be worn and severely damaged after the impact of high hardness ore. The wear-resistant type of the base plate is increased, the strength and hardness of the base plate are improved, excellent materials are selected to make the base plate, and the wear of the base plate is reduced. Therefore, when purchasing the crusher, the wear can be designed according to the material properties of the crusher.

The wear of crusher is inevitable. No matter Chinese or foreign crusher brands, the wear of crusher can be reduced through daily correct operation procedures and daily maintenance. If problems can be found in time, it is believed that recording the wear will not cause unnecessary economic losses to users. It is also very important to choose the right crusher according to the hardness and other properties of the material.


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