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What Are The Main Reasons For The Roller Lifting Phenomenon Of Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-08 10:47:02

As one of the important parts, the grinding roller of kaolin mill mainly operates at high speed in the grinding production, and the grinding operation is carried out through repeated impact. Users who have used the kaolin mill should understand the importance of the grinding roller. In the production process of the kaolin mill, the roller lifting phenomenon is a kind of fault that often occurs in the grinding roller, and the roller lifting refers to the lifting of the grinding roller. So how can we reduce the occurrence of this phenomenon? First, we need to find out what causes the phenomenon, and then we can solve or prevent it Barrier appears, so what is the cause of roll lifting? 1. Too few materials if there are too few materials in the kaolin mill, it will cause the mill to vibrate in the production, so that the equipment can not normally carry out the grinding operation. If there is no large vibration, it will cause the grinding roller of the equipment to fall to a very low position, resulting in the phenomenon of roller lifting. The effective measure to solve this problem is to increase the feeding quantity and control the material layer of the grinding plate. 2. In the process of grinding, too much material will also cause the equipment to vibrate, resulting in the shutdown of the grinding machine. When the grinding roller is lifted, the working pressure of the hydraulic system of the grinding roller or the pressure of the lifting roller cannot enter the set value for a long time, which will cause the phenomenon of stopping the grinding and lifting of the roller when the oil pump motor of the equipment moves. The measures to solve this problem are to reduce the feeding amount properly, control the material layer of the grinding plate, and grind after the last material discharge.


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