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What Are The Main Parts Of The Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-04 12:28:52

As a special grinding equipment for processing kaolin, the kaolin mill occupies an important position in the grinding production line. For the mill, the main machine is the core of the equipment, so what are the main parts of the main machine? Each part in the main machine of kaolin mill is designed and produced according to the reversible form, which can be generally divided into five parts. (1) Center spindle. This part is driven by the driving device to rotate counter clockwise, so the central spindle should be designed and manufactured according to the counter clockwise rotation. The thread at the upper end of the central spindle is M75 * 3 left, which should be changed to M75 * 3 right. (2) The base of the kaolin mill is the main part supporting the main engine, which is installed in the volute of the return air box. Because the air flow of the return air box mainly comes from the blower, it can be reversed, and it can enter into the main engine through the air passage opening in the base circle. Therefore, the base blade should also be installed to reverse the design and manufacture, that is, the opposite direction of the inlet blade of the return air passage. (3) The return air box is also called the volute. The air inlet of the return air box is installed at the lower left of the main machine of the kaolin mill. Although it won't rotate, the high-pressure air flow in the volute is reversible. This reversible air flow enters the main machine through the evenly distributed air passage of the base, and then blows the ground dust materials into the analyzer. Therefore, the return air box is also reversible design system Made. (4) The blade in the main machine is used to lift materials and send them to the grinding ring of the grinding roller to complete the grinding operation. The component is installed on the blade frame and rotates around the central axis. Because the center axis is reversible, the blade is also reversible, also known as the reverse blade. (5) Roller grinding device. The grinding roller device in the main machine of the kaolin mill is installed on the upper part of the plum blossom frame. The grinding roller is tightly attached to the inner ring of the grinding ring. Driven by the central shaft, it can be reversed. www.zzsgzj.cn


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