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What Are The Functions Of The Main Accessories In The Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-07 09:57:51

We all know that the kaolin mill is a grinding equipment composed of many accessories, including reducer, grinding roller, fan, analyzer, quincunx frame, grinding device and other accessories, and different accessories have different positions and functions. So, what role do these accessories play in the production of kaolin mill? 1. Reducer reducer is the accessory used to reduce the motor speed in kaolin mill. When selecting reducer, we should choose the motor power with matching bearing capacity. Different speed ratio should choose different power motors. If the power is too large, the life of reducer will be reduced. 2. The mill roll assembly bearing device changes the structure of the original mill roll assembly, which is a new type of energy-saving mill roll assembly structure adopted by the kaolin mill. The grinding roller is installed in the core sleeve, and the bearing is concentrated in the core sleeve. The concave convex plug connection and framework oil seal are used in the middle section and the upper section to form a closed chamber to prevent dust from entering, so as to ensure the operation of the bearing in the lubrication chamber. The grinding roller rotates while the grinding roller shaft does not rotate. 3. Fan is the abbreviation of gas compression and gas conveying machinery. It is a driven fluid machinery. The fan depends on the input mechanical energy to improve the gas pressure and exhaust gas. 4. The main function of analyzer is to separate the qualified products from the unqualified products, so that the unqualified products can be returned to regrinding. 5. Grinding device the grinding device of kaolin grinding machine includes a socket, which is fixed on a bracket, which is connected to the central axis of the bearing pedestal of a carriage, the socket is provided with an expansion shaft, under the expansion shaft is provided with a rotating shaft which is combined with the grinding plate, the rotating shaft and the central axis of the bearing pedestal are in a concentric position, and both sides of the expansion shaft are provided with a fixed plate and a fixed plate respectively A movable plate, between the fixed plate and the movable plate, is provided with one or more air cylinders.


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