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What Are The Functions Of Air Temperature In Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-09 16:23:14

We need to pay attention to many details and skills in the process of using bauxite mill at ordinary times. Only a better understanding of the equipment itself can ensure a better production operation of the mill. For example, the fan system of the mill is an integral part. What kind of reaction will be caused by the stroke temperature of the bauxite mill? First of all, let's talk about the relationship between the wind temperature and the output of bauxite mill. In fact, the wind temperature has little effect on the output, but if the wind temperature is too high, it will affect the normal operation of bauxite mill. For example, when the air temperature is too high, it will cause the belt pulley of bauxite mill to expand and loosen. In addition, when the mill is working, the equipment itself will generate a lot of heat due to the friction of the grinding roller, which will cause the bauxite mill to fail to work normally and even cause certain damage to the equipment. In fact, the fan system of the bauxite mill is a porter, and the air temperature has a certain regulating effect on the humidity of the grinding materials. When the humidity of the materials we deal with is high, it is likely to cause the materials to condense into blocks, and then cause the materials to block in the discharge port of the bauxite mill. At this time, if a little hot air is added, the blocking phenomenon of grinding equipment can be effectively alleviated. Especially in winter, when the temperature is low, increasing the wind temperature properly can make the bauxite mill play a greater role.


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