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What Are The Factors Influencing The Stable Production Of Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-12 00:36:44

As a special grinding equipment for grinding bauxite, the working efficiency of the grinding production line is closely related to the income of users. A complete grinding production line, not only needs reasonable equipment, qualified design process, excellent bauxite grinder, bauxite grinder will be affected by many factors in the work, which leads to the equipment can not work normally. Next, we will make a simple analysis of the problems affecting the stable production of bauxite grinder for you. 1. Sealing performance of bauxite mill. In the process of grinding bauxite powder, good sealing performance is equivalent to providing a protective film for the equipment. Good sealing performance can effectively prevent dust overflow in the production of grinding powder, avoid environmental pollution around, and prevent dust from entering the inside of the grinding machine, so as to reduce the wear of bauxite grinding machine. 2. Lubrication of bauxite mill. Good lubrication plays an important role in the grinding operation of bauxite mill. It can not only reduce the friction between parts, thus reducing the wear of vulnerable parts, extending the service life of the equipment, but also play a heat dissipation effect. The choice of lubricating oil is also important, as long as the right one can play a good lubricating effect, and it is necessary to add regularly and quantitatively. 3. Wear of wearing parts. With the long-term operation of bauxite mill, the number of contact between vulnerable parts such as blade, grinding roller and grinding ring and materials is also increasing, resulting in different degrees of wear is inevitable. If the wear of these parts is too serious, it can not ensure that the material is well ground, which will affect the stable production of bauxite mill.


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