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What Are The Effects Of Too Large Feed Particles On Bauxite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-01 20:54:35

Proper material size, uniform feeding speed and strong equipment performance are all important factors affecting the output of bauxite mill. While some users think that how much material can be grinded and broken in the process of grinding, this is a very wrong view. Because, the large feed size may affect the normal production of bauxite mill. Here, let's talk about the influence of large feed size on bauxite mill. 1. Generally, each type of pulverizer has a feeding device that matches it, and the size of the feeding port configured for each type is clearly specified. If we use the bauxite mill in the process, the feeding particle of the equipment is too large, it is likely to lead to the feeding end of the material jam. In this way, the efficiency of grinding production is greatly reduced. 2. When the feeding port is jammed, a large number of materials will be piled up and blocked together. At this time, bauxite mill host is still in continuous operation. In the case that there are few materials between the grinding roller rings, or even the materials are broken, the chances of the grinding roller rings of the bauxite mill directly contacting with the grinding ring will be increased, and the impact strength between the parts will be increased, so as to accelerate the damage of the vulnerable parts. 3. At the same time, if the feed particle is too large, when the large stone block enters the grinding chamber of the bauxite mill, the larger the particle size of the material is under the same quality, the greater the grinding difficulty of the bauxite mill, which not only causes the reduction of the production capacity of the bauxite mill, but also may cause the insufficient grinding of the material, resulting in the coarseness of the discharge particle size. At the same time, the damage to the vulnerable parts of bauxite mill is more serious. 4. In addition, if the feed particles of bauxite mill are too large, it will inevitably increase the operation burden of the equipment, easily make the mill run tired, and further increase the failure rate. In this way, as time goes by, the life cycle of each accessory of bauxite mill will be greatly reduced, and the service life of the equipment will be reduced. As a kind of professional ore pulverizing equipment, in the process of use, if the feed particle size can not be well controlled, in the case of too large feed particle, the impact on all aspects of bauxite pulverizer is very large. Therefore, in the use of bauxite mill powder production, we must pay attention to the grasp of the particle size of the material to prevent the decline of the working performance of the equipment.


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