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What Are The Effects Of Poor Sealing Of Kaolin Mill

Last Update:2020-05-02 08:04:40

In the process of grinding, if the sealing performance of the equipment is not good, not only the dust will overflow, but also the air pressure inside the equipment will change, which will lead to the environmental protection not meeting the production requirements, the working state of the equipment will change, and the production efficiency will also decline as a result. Here's a small part for you to analyze in detail The effect of poor sealing. 1. Dust spillover when the sealing performance of kaolin mill is not good, it will produce the phenomenon of dust spillover, which will directly cause environmental pollution, thus making the equipment unable to meet the requirements of environmental protection, and the spilled dust also has an impact on the health of the staff, so it is one of the important work of the mill production to ensure the sealing of the equipment. 2. When the sealing performance of the equipment is not good, the dust will enter into the bearing, and the lubricating oil will be polluted, which will not play a good lubricating effect. At the same time, it will speed up the wear of the bearing, cause the bearing to be damaged, and its service life will be reduced, thus increasing the maintenance cost of the bearing, Increase the cost input of grinding production. 3. The change of internal air pressure when the kaolin mill is working, the change of the sealing property of the equipment will lead to the change of the internal air pressure of the machine, and then the change of the internal wind force, which will not only affect the production efficiency of the equipment, but also affect the size of the finished product particle, and may also cause the phenomenon of powder suction, and then affect the production efficiency.


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