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What Are The Damaged Parts Of Cone

Last Update:2020-05-08 11:29:10

When the cone breaking is put into the stone crushing production line, the wear is very large, which is the grinding workpiece in the cone breaking production, so the replacement of the cone breaking vulnerable parts has become a very large cost investment for customers. In terms of the consumption of cone broken parts, lining plate is the most important one. Therefore, cone broken manufacturers have very high requirements for lining plate. Because the quality of cone broken parts directly determines the service life and production efficiency of cone broken parts, to a certain extent, the wear process of cone broken vulnerable parts is related to production efficiency.

Cone breaking vulnerable parts are very important for cone breaking. However, most of the cone breaking vulnerable parts manufacturing enterprises in China have weak innovation ability, and the investment for R & D and development of new products is generally low. Only a small number of large cone breaking manufacturers will pay attention to product R & D, have professional R & D centers, and have their own experts for product R & D Generally speaking, lining plate is the most important part of the cone damaged parts. Most of the lining plates are steel castings, but the cost is very high, and its service life has a certain period, which directly affects the production cost of the enterprise. Therefore, the material selection of cone damaged parts is particularly important. Only high-quality cone damaged parts can guarantee the cone broken parts Efficient operation of.

First of all, we need to understand the wear mode of conical broken parts, which is generally divided into chiseling wear and high stress wear. Because the impact force of the former is not very large, the main wear of conical broken parts is mainly high stress wear. Therefore, when selecting materials, we should consider many factors, such as the hardness of materials, etc., and try our best to improve them The wear resistance of cone broken parts. Once the cone broken parts are stable, the cone broken parts will be stable. The cone broken parts are the basis of cone broken parts. Therefore, the high-quality cone broken parts are the driving force for the continuous development of cone broken parts.

The vulnerable parts of cone breaking machine are the core parts of cone breaking machine. In other words, the quality of lining plate determines the quality of cone breaking. In China, cone breaking manufacturers are still very reliable in producing cone breaking parts. Many manufacturers are awesome in wear resistance, and the service life of conical fracture is quite good. This can greatly reduce the investment of customers. Therefore, the guarantee from after-sales to quality makes cone break very popular in the market. High quality accessories are the basic guarantee for the continuous development of cone break accessories.


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