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What Are The Components And Materials Of The Crusher Mechanism

Last Update:2020-05-12 17:37:47

No matter how big the machinery is, it is made up of small parts. The crusher is mainly composed of frame, working mechanism, transmission mechanism, regulating device, safety device and lubrication system. Although all parts are indispensable parts of the crusher, however, the lack of some parts has little impact on the operation of the equipment, and some parts have a great impact on the equipment. Next, I will introduce the main crusher mechanisms.

1: Rack. Generally, there are two kinds of crusher mechanism: integral frame and combined frame. Many small and medium-sized crushers in China adopt integral frame, which is mainly welded by casting or steel parts; large crushers with general transportation difficulties and processing difficulties adopt combined frame. The frame is mainly composed of a plurality of cast iron or weldments connected by embedded pins or bolts. In the composition of crusher, the frame is an important part, its quality is directly related to the equipment.

2: Working organization. The crusher mechanism also includes the crushing chamber, which is mainly composed of fixed jaw and moving jaw. Because it is directly involved in the crushing operation, the quality and material of the liner used are very good. At present, there are two kinds of commonly used tooth profile of lining plate in China, which are triangle and trapezoid. With the development of modern high-tech and the application of computer, the design of tooth profile gradually breaks through the bottleneck. Based on the traditional test method and experience, computer is used to optimize the design, and good crushing effect is achieved.

3: Transmission mechanism. In the composition of the crusher, the transmission mechanism is an important part, mainly composed of eccentric shaft, connecting rod and front and rear thrust. It is very important for the crusher to break normally and orderly. When the motor of the crusher is started, the eccentric shaft makes rotation movement, so as to drive the connecting rod to move up and down, and make the thrust plate move up.

Through the above reading, I believe that everyone can be familiar with mastering the components of the crusher. In fact, for the operators of the crusher, they need to be familiar with and master the parts of the crusher and the functions of each part, so that they can better understand the equipment and use the equipment. At the same time, they need to understand the material of the crusher, avoid the failure rate, and improve the production efficiency to bring higher benefits for entrepreneurs.


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