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What Are The Common Problems Of Kaolin Mill Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-08 14:14:59

With the development prospect of the powder field becoming better and better, the manufacturers of grinding equipment in the market are gradually increasing, and the application field of kaolin grinding machine is also increasing. However, as a mechanical equipment, with the use time of kaolin grinding machine becoming longer and longer, some problems will inevitably appear in the equipment. Only when the operation method and troubleshooting measures of the grinding machine are mastered correctly, Only in this way can the grinding operation achieve twice the result with half the effort, so as to obtain higher production efficiency. Let's share some common problems in the production of kaolin grinding machine. The bearings of the kaolin mill are easy to wear along with the long-term operation. When the bearings wear, it will affect their normal operation, cause the phenomenon of heating, and seriously affect their normal operation. At this time, it needs to be repaired regularly. Generally speaking, the assembly requirements of the grinding roller and bearing of the kaolin mill are relatively strict, and the bearing is usually put in the way of dry ice cooling for assembly. When the kaolin mill is processing and pulverizing, the regular addition and replacement of lubricating oil can not be ignored. The purpose of lubricating oil is to prevent the bearing from being polluted, reduce the effect of friction resistance between bearings, and effectively improve the service life of bearings. Once the bearing is severely worn, it needs to be replaced immediately. In the grinding process of kaolin mill, if there is a gap between the grinding ring of grinding roller and the lining plate, it is easy to speed up its wear. In addition, the material will rotate with the rotation of kaolin mill, and the impact and collision between the grinding roller and the grinding ring will continue for a long time, which will cause the lining plate to crack or even break. These are the phenomena we need to pay special attention to in the production The place of meaning.


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