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What Are The Common Faults Of Bauxite Mill In Operation

Last Update:2020-05-02 13:09:25

The operating environment of bauxite mill is mostly poor, so it is inevitable that some small failures occur when users use the equipment. The following small part is to introduce the common failures of bauxite mill in operation. 1. The production capacity of bauxite mill is reduced when it is working, and the amount of ground powder is reduced or no powder is produced. Most of the main reasons for this phenomenon are due to the loose sealing, which leads to the powder being sucked away by the fan. On the other hand, it is due to the excessive wear of the blade of the mill, and the materials can not be shoveled normally. 2. Bauxite grinding machine will have a fever when it works. This is mostly because the oil is too thick, the screws cannot be screwed up, and the bearings are lack of oil. 3. The current of bauxite mill suddenly increases, but the current of fan decreases. In this case, we should start from the material. When the material is fed, the amount of material is too large, which leads to material blockage and poor exhaust, thus increasing the temperature of main machine and reducing the electric flow of fan. 4. There is another one that we often see. The fan vibration of bauxite mill is too large. Most of the reasons for this phenomenon are due to loose screws or worn fan blades. 5. When the bauxite grinder is working, the bearing is also a relatively vulnerable part. For the bearing, it mainly depends on the user's usual maintenance.


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