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What Are The Causes Of The Runaway Of Kp Series Medium Cone Hydraulic Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-12 22:31:37

Cone crusher is widely used, especially in construction, metallurgy, mining, chemistry and other industries. It can crush raw materials with different hardness and provide great power for production. In the production process of medium-sized cone crusher, many users will react to the phenomenon of "runaway", which will have a great impact on production. Let's take a look at the common causes of the "runaway" phenomenon of cone hydraulic crusher.

Before looking for KP series cone crusher, let's first look at the reason of "flying". Once the contact point between the cone sleeve and the main shaft of the medium-sized cone crusher becomes less, there will be a "runaway" phenomenon in the gap between the broken materials during the operation of the equipment. If the materials are still unable to be pressed down after being sent in, then the rotation speed of the main shaft of the cone hydraulic crusher will be out of control, leading to production failure or even safety accidents, which requires the attention of the operators.

If the cone sleeve of cone hydraulic crusher cracks during operation, the contact surface between the cone sleeve and the main shaft will be smaller, and then the oil film of the equipment will be damaged, and the continuous friction will lead to a sharp increase in temperature, resulting in "runaway" phenomenon. In addition, if the cone sleeve of the medium-sized cone crusher receives the function of non broken material (iron passing), it will also cause the load to increase, and the cone sleeve will move upward, which will make the gap between the main shaft and the cone sleeve smaller and cause "runaway".

Many users are looking for KP series cone crusher. Before that, we need to understand why the cone crusher appears "flying" phenomenon. In the process of cone breaking production, the continuous friction between the transmission parts will produce a lot of heat. Once the heat exceeds the cooling capacity of the cooler, it can not be converted out in time, resulting in not only the increase of temperature, but also the increase of friction, resulting in the occurrence of "runaway" phenomenon.

For the cone hydraulic crusher, it is very common to have faults in production, especially the phenomenon of "flying" is more common. This requires all users to understand the common causes of the runaway of the KP series cone crusher, master some basic treatment methods, and solve the "runaway" phenomenon in time to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the cone crusher.


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