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What Are The Advantages Of Superfine Grinding Compared With Traditional Raymond Machine

Last Update:2020-05-06 04:31:00

With the continuous improvement of grinding technology, there are more and more kinds of grinding equipment. When the user purchases the grinding machine, the common grinding equipment are Raymond mill, ultra-fine mill, high fine mill and other different equipment. From the appearance, the differences of these kinds of grinding machines are not big, so the user will have doubts when selecting the equipment. For ultra-fine mill, what advantages does the equipment have compared with Raymond mill? The following small series to introduce the advantages of superfine grinding machine for you. 1. At present, Raymond mill is a mature model in the grinding industry. On the basis of the traditional Raymond machine, the superfine grinding machine is an improved grinding equipment. In contrast, ultra-fine grinding has higher technology and technological advantages for Raymond mill. 2. Whether it is ultrafine grinding or Raymond grinding, the basic principle is the same when processing materials. All of them send the material to the grinding ring of the grinding roller, and then under the action of gravity and centrifugal force of the grinding roller, they roll the material to achieve the effect of grinding. 3. However, compared with Raymond mill, ultrafine mill has more significant advantages in internal structure. For example, the blade of the traditional Raymond machine is an integrated device. When it needs to be replaced due to wear, it needs to replace the whole set, which greatly increases the maintenance cost. The ultra-fine grinding only needs to replace the worn blade, so as to reduce the maintenance cost. 4. The traditional lubrication form of Raymond mill is grease lubrication. In the grinding operation, the resistance of lubrication is large, the temperature rise is high, and the service life of bearing is relatively reduced. The ultra-fine grinding adopts the internal thin oil lubrication system, which can realize the lubrication of the main shaft bearing and gear bearing without additional oil pump or lubrication station, thus greatly improving the service life of the equipment.


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