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What's The Harm Of The Kaolin Mill If It Doesn't Shut Down For A Long Time

Last Update:2020-05-10 21:13:39

In the use of kaolin mill, there are some matters we need to pay attention to in the use process, one of which is the provisions for the running time of the equipment. As a mechanical equipment, the pulverizer can't work for a long time without shutting down, so it needs to shut down first after the equipment works for a period of time, otherwise it will cause great damage to the equipment. Here's an analysis of the hazards of the long-term operation of the kaolin pulverizer without shutting down. 1、 Cause the temperature of the equipment to rise because the kaolin pulverizer relies on mechanical movement when it works, and mechanical movement will generate heat, so if the equipment does not shut down for a long time, it will cause the temperature of the equipment itself to rise gradually, so the metal materials inside the equipment will change, resulting in the increase of physical or chemical reaction, reducing the stability of the equipment The service life and production effect of the equipment will also be affected. Hazard 2. The shape of the equipment may be changed under the strong pressure of the deformed kaolin mill, and the compressive strength of the accessories inside the equipment is limited. If there is deformation, it may affect the normal work. If the deformation is serious, the equipment may not work, and the accessories will break under the pressure. However, this is the case Phenomenon may be difficult to repair, so in order to ensure that the equipment can work normally, remember to avoid long-term operation without shutdown. Harm 3. The efficiency of the pulverizer is decreased. When the pulverizer is not shut down for a long time, not only will it be overworked, but also the production efficiency and performance of the equipment will be decreased. Generally speaking, the equipment, like us, also needs to rest after long-term work, otherwise, not only the working efficiency is not high, but also the service life will be reduced.


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