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Various Types Of Double Chamber Rotary Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-14 09:33:01

Generally, there are cracks inside the particles. The rotary crusher uses the characteristics of particles to extrude the raw materials in an all-round way. There is also extrusion between multi-layer raw materials. The raw materials will be broken. The company can obtain high-quality broken particles products by using this equipment. The equipment is mainly laminated, so it is equipped with a large discharge port. The raw materials produced are very fine. Most of the raw materials are fine particles. The particle size distribution of the raw materials is very reasonable and uniform. The quality of the raw materials produced is very high, which can meet the needs of the industry.

The double chamber rotary crusher has a strong processing capacity. The equipment has two crushing chambers, which can work continuously in a certain order. The traditional crusher has only one crushing chamber, which can only crush and process raw materials in an intermittent way. The new crusher has two raw material outlets, which can rapidly improve efficiency and product output. The very big feature of the equipment is that it can produce more fine-grained products under the condition of large discharge port. On the premise of ensuring fine-grained products, the larger discharge port can obviously have greater processing capacity.

When people buy the equipment, excellence is purchased according to the model of rotary crusher. Excellence is to buy the equipment with small vibration. The equipment with small vibration removes the bracket support, and the crushing roller is in a balanced operation state. In actual operation, the equipment has very little vibration and almost no noise, which can ensure the normal operation on the steel frame structure. At the same time, the equipment also has good energy-saving effect. When crushing raw materials, the equipment roll rotates and swings. The crushing force mainly acts on the central position of the roll, which can carry out high-efficiency crushing operation. With the round-trip movement of the roller center, the progressive crushing State Administration is formed, because the crushing force is mainly concentrated in a certain section of the crushing muzzle, so the material consumption is very small.


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