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User's Skill Sharing When Purchasing Superfine Grinding Machine Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-05 11:46:35

In recent years, the rapid development of ultra-fine grinding machine has attracted a large number of investors' attention, but some people have lost their lives after investment, while some have earned a lot of money. Why? That's because you don't know enough about the grinder. This article will let you know. 1. High grinding efficiency: efficiency has a great impact on the production progress. If the efficiency of the equipment fails to keep up with it, it will affect the later use of materials. Therefore, users should choose efficient machines when making choices. 2. The durability of the machine is strong: the durability includes wear resistance and corrosion resistance. Some ores have high hardness. The grinding roller does not necessarily roll them into powder at one time. Therefore, it is necessary to select the wear-resistant equipment of these vulnerable parts, otherwise, it is the interests of customers that will be affected by various kinds of wear in the later stage. 3. Grinding cost should be low: the grinding process seems simple, but in fact, the cost of grinding is still very high, so we should pay attention to control these costs when choosing, and try to save unnecessary expenses. There are numerous manufacturers of superfine mills on the market. We should pay attention to the following aspects when purchasing. 1. Look at the appearance of the product: pay attention to observe whether the product is bumped, damaged, depainted and renovated; whether the welding seam of each welding part is flat and firm; whether the sealing surface is dripping oil leakage; whether the clearance of each part is consistent, etc. Generally speaking, the appearance quality of superfine mill reflects the internal quality of products to a certain extent. 2. According to the fineness requirements, choose the model of superfine grinding machine: each user has different uses for the milled materials, and the required fineness range is also different. Generally, according to the requirements of different fineness, the total number of grinding rollers of the designed superfine mill is also different. Therefore, we must communicate with the manufacturer about the fineness requirements of the finished product when purchasing the superfine grinding machine. 3. Strength of the manufacturer: when selecting and purchasing the superfine grinding machine, several powerful manufacturers should be selected for comparison. Only the equipment produced by the powerful manufacturers has guaranteed performance and service life of the equipment, so that the equipment can be more labor-saving in the later production.


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