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Use Of Calcium Oxide In Hebei Province

Last Update:2020-05-04 18:04:49

How is calcium oxide produced in Hebei Province? During production, it is necessary to carry out desulfurization treatment. How to choose the special grinding machine for dry desulfurization stone powder used by Hebei calcium oxide factory? We must pay attention to the selection of powerful manufacturers, which can provide you with a good machine protection installation and maintenance program. Generally, the calcium oxide products produced by our grinding machines are used for the following purposes: they play an important role in the dehydration of iron and steel, desiccant, leather and so on. The ordinary calcium oxide meets water to generate calcium hydroxide, which can absorb carbon dioxide in the air. Adding calcium oxide to acid waste water or heavy metal waste water can make acid waste water neutral; it can absorb sulfur dioxide in boiler flue gas, so that the sulfur content in discharged flue gas meets environmental protection standards; it can kill bacteria and viruses, and remove ammonia nitrogen from water.


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