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Urban Construction Waste Treatment Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-11 05:40:09

Construction waste refers to the residual mud, residue, mud and other wastes generated in the process of construction, demolition, repair and decoration of buildings and structures by the construction and construction units or individuals. With the large-scale demolition and construction of houses and roads in the city, a lot of construction waste is produced. If these construction wastes are not handled well, it will cause the city's tense land resources to be occupied and affect the urban environment.

At present, the more effective way to deal with the urban construction waste is to use the crusher to crush the construction waste. On the one hand, the treated urban construction waste can be recycled to save resources. On the other hand, the crushed concrete can be used as the filling material or the concrete can be used to make new building bricks. The use of crushers to deal with construction waste and solve environmental problems, but also to achieve the recycling of waste materials, it can be said that two birds with one stone.

The choice of urban construction waste treatment equipment should consider the properties of construction waste itself. According to the source of construction waste, construction waste can be divided into four categories: land excavation, road excavation, demolition of old buildings and construction site waste. The construction waste we usually refer to is generated by demolition of old buildings and waste such as stone, concrete, wood, plastic, gypsum and mortar, steel and non-ferrous metal. Because the waste generated by the demolition of these old buildings is wrapped by concrete, and the concrete is very hard, and the size of the urban construction waste is particularly large, considering these properties, we often choose the jaw crusher with strong crushing force when we choose the urban construction waste treatment equipment. Because the crushing chamber of the crusher is deep and there is no dead zone, the feeding capacity and output are increased; on the other hand, the crusher has a large crushing ratio, which is very suitable for the crushing of hard materials.


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