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Unique Design Of ф 1200 Clinker Cone Crusher In Sichuan

Last Update:2020-05-14 09:07:56

Cone crusher is a kind of widely used crushing equipment in various production. Compared with other crushing equipment, this kind of equipment has great advantages, high operation efficiency, and can complete heavy tasks. The design of ф 1200 clinker cone crusher is quite unique, and lubricating oil is the auxiliary guarantee of its operation. Generally in different seasons, the lubricating oil used by 1200 cone crusher is different. Let's see the specific precautions for using lubricating oil.

Since the 1200 cone crusher will bear great pressure on its friction surface when it moves, the role of lubricating oil is very important. Generally speaking, the lubricating oil used is the type commonly used in oil stations. In winter, No. 20 or No. 30 mechanical oil is mostly used, while in summer, No. 50 mechanical oil is mostly used. In other normal temperature weather, No. 40 mechanical oil is generally used. In some alpine areas, when Sichuan cone is broken in winter, No. 10 or No. 15 mechanical oil is needed to ensure normal operation of the equipment.

Once winter comes, the temperature will drop sharply. At this time, Sichuan cone is broken. It is necessary to change the lubricating oil in time. Generally, low oil grade lubricating oil is used. The oil quality of this kind of oil is relatively thin, which can ensure normal flow when the temperature is low. If high oil grade lubricating oil is used, the oil will be very thick, frozen in cold weather, and the fluidity will be greatly reduced, resulting in the failure of 1200 cone crusher to work normally.

In summer, the temperature is very high, only need high oil lubricating oil to ensure the normal operation of 1200 cone crusher. In summer, the temperature is high, the oil of cone crusher is easy to become thin, at this time its fluidity can be generally well guaranteed. If the cone of Sichuan is broken in summer, the low oil grade lubricating oil will not only flow away quickly before the oil film is formed on the lubricating point, but also cause inexplicable heating of equipment parts, a series of oil leakage phenomena, and even cause safety production accidents.

The design of ф 1200 clinker cone crusher is very unique. When it is used, the lubricating oil should be changed according to different seasons. Especially in summer and winter, the choice of lubricating oil is very different. This requires all operators to be familiar with the operation principle of the equipment and the basic knowledge of lubricating oil, and change the appropriate lubricating oil in time under different temperatures, so as to It can ensure the high efficiency and stable production of 1200 cone crusher.


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