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Understand The Precautions When Using The Double Roll Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-07 16:33:22

Because of its excellent performance, there must be a broad market. In China, there are many manufacturers of this kind of crusher, which basically cover all provinces and cities. But in terms of quality, price and service, manufacturers in different regions have different standards. Therefore, enterprises must be careful when purchasing roller crusher equipment. After confirming the equipment, they should It's time to know something about the operation of the equipment.

When the double roll crusher is working, the technical personnel shall install the iron removal device in advance. If the iron removal effect is not strengthened, when the non broken material enters, not only will it cause large area damage of the crushing equipment, but also cause abnormal parking accident. In a word, the installation of the iron removal device is very important. Secondly, if the viscous material is blocked in the crusher cavity, it shall It is necessary to stop the machine immediately for handling. Do not ignore it, or take things to poke and bump directly when the machine is running. This will also cause damage to the machine and cause some unsafe things. On the other hand, if there are many large materials, special attention should be paid to keep personnel away from the crushing equipment as much as possible, because large materials are easy to extrude from the crushing cavity, It may cause personal injury or damage to the equipment. Finally, when the machine runs for a long time, it is necessary to carry out frequent maintenance, and pay attention to the adjustment of the discharge port. Because long-time operation is a great challenge for wear-resistant parts, which will have a certain impact on the final product granularity, so it is necessary to pay special attention to the follow-up maintenance work, Check at all times, but also to ensure the smooth operation of the lubrication system.

Only a deep understanding of the roller crusher can make it more efficient and long-term work. It can be seen that the maintenance is very important for the machine. The operator should strengthen the learning of the Shanghai double roller crusher. Only in this way can the enterprise ensure the efficient and continuous work of the equipment no matter whether it is crushing the materials separately or carrying out the whole material production line 。


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