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Understand The Operation Points Of Crusher From The Working Principle Diagram Of Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-14 13:21:55

The working principle diagram of crusher is made according to the manufacturing points of crusher equipment combined with the operation points of users. As a widely used mechanical equipment, the use of crusher has been understood and mastered by more and more operators. However, most of the operators of crusher have mastered it through their own experience or simple training of the manufacturer, in fact, the crusher There are many points to be noted in the operation. Take the management of power provider - operation platform and power supply. Only correct operation can ensure the operation of the equipment. Next, introduce the key points of the operation platform briefly through the schematic diagram of crusher.

First of all, we should pay more attention to regular inspection and maintenance. Users and operators should realize the importance of the operation platform. We can not only understand the working principle of the crusher, but also regularly check and maintain the equipment by comparing the working schematic diagram of the crusher. And the operation platform can be installed according to different operation height. Of course, necessary protection measures, such as handrails, pedals, etc., also need to be installed synchronously to ensure the safety of operators and the smoothness of work.

Secondly, the safety of operators is very important in the operation process. The above mentioned protective measures such as simultaneous installation of handrails and pedals are required when installing the operation platform. From the schematic diagram of crusher, it can be learned that wire mesh or metal mesh should be installed between the operation platform and handrail to prevent operators from falling down when operating at different heights, causing unnecessary personal injury. This is also a kind of protection measure to prevent the staff on the upper operation platform from injuring the staff below. At the same time, in order to improve the working efficiency, the supporting sleeve of the operating platform and the equipment cannot be connected together.

In addition, it is the management of power supply. No matter when the power control room is in operation, someone should cut off the power supply of the equipment in time. From the working principle of the crusher, we can know that the power supply is the basis of the operation of the equipment and the safety insurance of the equipment. During the maintenance, the power supply needs to be cut off first. Therefore, the operator or the maintenance personnel must have their own special lock for maintenance. The power management needs to be careful and careful, and the key cannot be taught to others casually, so as not to bring safety to themselves and others Patient.

Professional users will know the working principle and operation points of the crusher through the working schematic diagram of the crusher when purchasing the crusher, which is also a more professional way of purchasing in the eyes of the sales staff. In fact, all key points of operation are based on the safety of operators, production efficiency of equipment, smooth use and service life of equipment. Attention to key points of operation is also responsible for safety and the enterprise.


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