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Understand The Cause Of Equipment Failure Through Brief Introduction Of Impact Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-07 05:18:21

Compared with other mechanical equipment, professionals show us that the impact crusher has more obvious advantages in crushing performance and other aspects through the impact breaking photos, which is one of the reasons why it is widely used. However, a large number of data collected show that due to improper operation or maintenance, especially from the shot table of impact crusher, the worn degree of abandoned equipment can be seen from the surface, so how can we avoid the failure due to wear? What are the reasons for the failure?

Part of the site shot of the impact crusher profile, will be accompanied by the surrounding working environment. Through the analysis of the pictures, it is concluded that the material is one of the reasons for the failure. The requirements of high and small energy equipment for materials will be correspondingly more stringent. As for the impact crusher, the size of the materials added must be appropriate, not too small to affect the effectiveness of the machine. From the table of impact crusher, we can also see that the size of the equipment feed port is limited, so the material should not be too large, otherwise the feed port of the equipment will be blocked. Once such a situation occurs, the good thing is that it affects the normal production, but it can be used normally if it is cleaned up in time; if it is broken, the impeller of the equipment will be damaged, and it can only be used after it is sent for maintenance. Therefore, before the impact crusher works, it is necessary to select good materials.

From the photo of the impact crusher, we can see that many parts of the equipment are fixed by screws, and the movement of the equipment is often more intense when it is working. After a long time, these screws are easy to loosen, so that the equipment has abnormal sound in the process of working. Therefore, in case of any abnormal condition of the equipment, it is necessary to stop the machine in time and check whether the screw is loose. If so, it is necessary to tighten it in time.

Another part of the reason is due to improper operation. From the waste impact crusher table, some of the equipment is unable to work due to the burning of the motor. Some workers start the equipment when there are materials in the equipment. In this case, the pressure of the motor increases, and it will burn out when the degree is serious. Therefore, before starting the impact crusher, make sure that the equipment is empty, and then add materials to it after starting.

The above is the common reason for the failure of the impact crusher inferred from the photos of the impact crusher and the photos of the waste sand making site. The reasons can remind the majority of users to conduct troubleshooting according to the actual situation during the operation of the impact crusher, so as to ensure the normal operation of the impact crusher.


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