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Two Key Points For The Superfine Mill To Understand In Feeding

Last Update:2020-05-12 18:33:33

With the wide application of superfine powder in the grinding industry, the quality requirements of superfine powder have been improved due to the production requirements, and the control of particle size of materials in various industries has also been strengthened. All these are the reasons that impel the superfine mill equipment manufacturers to strengthen the renewal of the equipment. The user should also pay attention to the feeding when using the equipment in daily life. Here's what we need to pay attention to when feeding the superfine mill. 1. Feeding is the first important link of the grinding work of the ultra-fine grinder. When feeding, it is necessary to ensure that the materials are evenly distributed on the grinding roller, so as to achieve a good grinding effect. If the material is distributed unevenly and piled up into the distance of the grinding roller, it will not only reduce the grinding effect, but also cause certain damage to the grinding roller. For materials with large particles and flakiness that are not easy to flow, the tension spring can be adjusted appropriately to keep the material at a proper height in the barrel and realize continuous feeding. 2. When feeding, the user shall ensure that the feeding is even and consistent, and the flow shall not be large at the same time, small at the same time, thick at the same time, fine at the same time, not to go single side. When there is such a situation, it means that the material level in the barrel is too low, and then the gap between the feeding door and the two sides of the feeding roller is inconsistent. The user can adjust the eccentric shaft on both sides of the feeding door for correction. The feeding door cannot be completely pressed on the feeding roller, and a certain gap must be left. All parts of the feeding device must be flexible without clamping.


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