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Troubleshooting And Maintenance Of The Powerful Double Axle Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-10 00:15:32

Compared with other jaw crushers and Hammer Crushers, the double shaft crusher is superior in terms of function scope. It can be used for crushing work in all walks of life. Jaw crusher and hammer crusher can only break some hard materials, such as bricks, gypsum, coal and so on. Then the biaxial crusher can break some soft materials, such as clothing, wood, plastic film and many electronic integrated boards. So in the use of manufacturers, this kind of crusher is more advantageous. It provides more help for the development of industry.

The bearing temperature is often high when it is used. In case of such problems, we should check whether the amount of lubricating oil is insufficient or excessive in time, and then check whether the bearing has been damaged. If there is no problem, then the load it bears must be too large and unstable. Then our solution is to make the oil level return to normal on the first page. If it is a bearing problem, replace the bearing in time. If it is a load problem, immediately adjust the load to the appropriate level of work.

Another common situation is that the motor current is found to be high in use. First, check whether the load of the double axle crusher is too large, and adjust the load immediately. Secondly, check whether the internal materials are scabbed. If so, clear the scab. If there is no problem, then the bearing may have been damaged, so we can replace the bearing in time to solve the problem quickly.


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