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Too Much Machine Made Sand Stone Powder Affects The Performance Of Concrete

Last Update:2020-05-14 00:26:15

Because the surface of machine-made sand particles is coarse sugar, rich in edges and corners, and its rolling ability is poor, it has a large specific surface area and needs more slurry to be wrapped to achieve the same fluidity as natural sand. In addition, the increase of stone powder content increases the consistency of cement stone powder, which makes the fluidity of machine-made sand concrete mixture decrease, and the slump does not reach the level of natural sand coagulation 55-70 mm of soil mix design expected. However, judging from the fact that the test block is easy to be vibrated and formed and there is no abnormal situation after demoulding, the value of skewness can no longer accurately characterize the fluidity of original high strength concrete made of sand.

The influence of stone powder content on the compressive strength of concrete is small. The cube compressive strength of concrete with stone powder content meets the requirements of 69.9 MPa. The ratio of axial compressive strength to cube compressive strength varies from 0.74 to 0.86, which is basically consistent with the previous research results of mechanical sand fly ash concrete.

According to the relationship between the tensile strength of ordinary concrete and the cube compressive strength, the corresponding tensile strength of concrete with different stone powder content can be calculated. The measured value of concrete tensile strength and its ratio to the calculated value vary with the content of stone powder. The ratio of the measured value to the calculated value of the concrete tensile strength varies from 0.96 to 1.07. There is a trend that the tensile strength of the concrete increases with the increase of the stone powder content. Combined with the observation of the split surface of the test block, it is shown that the increase of the stone powder content is conducive to the increase of the complete inclusion of the stone by the cement stone powder paste and the reduction of the probability of the void defects at the interface between the stone and the cement stone, So as to improve the bond strength between cement stone and coarse aggregate. The difference of soil standard is 5.9 ~ 8.9 MPa, and the basic mechanical properties of concrete meet the requirements of the current concrete structure design code.


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