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Three Methods To Easily Change The Ore Discharge Outlet Of E Crusher In Shenyang Liaoning Province

Last Update:2020-05-11 11:32:09

According to the table of technical parameters of jaw crusher, it can be concluded that the size of discharge port can be adjusted. The outlet of pew250 × 1000 is 20-40mm, the outlet of pew760 is 75-200mm, and the outlet of pew1100 is 150-275mm. Liaoning e crusher can adjust the ore discharge port according to the material standards of different industries to improve the multi-functional crushing capacity of the equipment. Next, we will introduce three methods to change the particle size of material discharge.

The operation flow of wedge adjustment is to turn the nut on the bolt to make the adjustment wedge move up or down along the rear wall of the frame, and drive the front wedge to move forward or backward. By moving up and down and back and forth in this way, the movement cycle of the moving jaw is changed, thus generating a driving force to adjust the size of the ore discharge opening. Small and medium-sized jaw crushers, such as Shenyang jaw crusher, all adopt this method. Relatively speaking, the adjustment of the discharge port can be realized by the relative movement of the wedges, which can greatly save time without stopping the machine.

The principle of gasket adjustment is to increase or decrease the number of gasket layers so as to reduce or increase the ore discharge opening of crusher. This method is commonly used in the large-scale vibrating jaw crusher. Between the support and the back wall of the frame, technicians put in a group of gaskets with the same thickness. Different layers of gaskets can achieve different discharging effects. It should be noted that this method requires shutdown operation to ensure production safety.

The hydraulic adjustment device is the advanced method of automatic adjustment of ore discharge port of Liaoning e crusher, which is safe and reliable. The main components of the hydraulic device are the oil cylinder and the piston. The oil cylinder is connected with the upper part of the connecting rod, and the piston is connected with the thrust plate support. With the change of the material stress in the crushing chamber, the rod cylinder moves up and down with the rotation of the eccentric shaft. At the same time, when the equipment stops suddenly due to high load, the hydraulic device can clear the cavity of the material to avoid the equipment wear caused by material blockage.

The above are the three methods we summarized to adjust the size of the outlet of the jaw crusher. You can make specific adjustments according to the structure of your own equipment. This set of adjustment method for ore discharge port will greatly improve the adaptability of crusher, and effectively distinguish different size aggregate required by construction materials, ceramics, metallurgy, chemical industry and other industries.


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