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Thinking And Development Of Jawbone Breaking Machine

Last Update:2020-05-07 05:25:47

From the beginning of the founding of the people's Republic of China to the present, jaw crusher, as an important equipment for stone crushing in mines, has made great progress in various research and improvement work under the pull of rapid economic development in China. Under various kinds of optimization and upgrading, the service life and working efficiency of E-crusher have been improved continuously, but there are still some problems to be solved. At present, there are shortcomings and defects in the crushing process of the coarse crushing equipment: first, the crushing process is single, and multi-functional crushing is not possible; in the working process, if there are multiple materials to be crushed, the traditional crushing process cannot completely separate them, and it is easy to produce the phenomenon of over crushing of materials. Secondly, the technological level is backward: the current conditions are difficult to achieve ultra-fine comminution, which can only be achieved through multi-stage operation, not only the process is complex, but also various equipment takes up a large space. At last, the energy and steel consumption are very large, which can not effectively achieve the energy saving effect.

To solve these problems, the domestic Crushing Machinery Industry Association believes that the industry development should be planned from three directions. Front row, material selection, the current domestic production of a variety of the same type of jaw crusher compared with foreign crushers, the fuselage is generally heavier. Wear resistance of steel is the main requirement of crushing equipment. We can try to adjust the carbon steel ratio of high manganese steel alloy in the wearing parts such as jaw plate and guard plate to improve the hardness and endurance of the material. On the one hand, we can reduce the weight of the fuselage, on the other hand, we can reduce the steel consumption, respond to the development concept of energy conservation and environmental protection, and reduce the quotation of jaw breakage.

Secondly, in the aspect of manufacturing technology, the optimization of jawbone structure mainly includes the optimization of overall shape, component shape and assembly design of all components. The shell of the machine can be cast and welded, and it can also be connected by means of bolts, etc., so that the adaptability of the jaw crusher in the use site will be greatly improved. Optimize the cavity shape, change the section shape of the toothed plate, make the curve of the crushing cavity more reasonable, make the feeding and discharging get excellent coordination, so as to improve the smoothness and stability of the equipment operation, and improve the work efficiency. Third, improve the maintenance system. As a section of crushing equipment, jawbone has a high working intensity, and daily maintenance is not timely and correct, which will increase equipment wear and shorten service life. At present, the new circulating lubricating oil circuit and cooling system can effectively reduce equipment wear and maintenance cost in daily production.


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