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Thinking About The Future Development Direction Of Large Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-09 14:12:34

Since 1978, changes in various industries in China can be summed up in one word - reform. We are constantly developing new technologies and exploring new development paths. In recent years, mining machinery develops in full swing with the tide of green economy. How to make full use of the limited resources leads us to think about the development direction of the large crusher.

As the key energy project industry supported by the state, large crusher has become the pillar of transportation construction, real estate construction, water conservancy engineering and chemical industry. As the front link of building material production, crushing equipment has received unprecedented attention. At the beginning of the 21st century, many domestic experts began to introduce and develop new technologies to upgrade the current equipment structure, appearance and working principle, so that large crushers can stand firm in the market and achieve steady development. In order to adapt to the requirements of various industries for mining crushing machinery, we wake up the summary of several aspects of the transformation and technical upgrading of the crusher.

First of all, in order to meet the growing market demand for building materials products and sandstone raw materials, the machinery industry needs to move towards the direction of large-scale development. The large-scale crushing machinery mentioned here does not refer to the large volume and large floor area of the machine, but mainly refers to the output. Since the last century, foreign countries have begun to optimize the design of crusher structure, cavity, output and wear, greatly improving the performance of crushing equipment. After a period of product development, it has been put on the market and received very good results. The more direct performance is that if each crusher works 10 hours a day, the output per hour can be increased by 20-30%, from the original output of 100 tons per hour to 120-130 tons. Because the crushing ratio is larger and the crushing force is stronger, the crushing effect will be better, which is why we should emphasize the advantages of large crushers. In every production line, the output can be increased every hour, so the output every day and every year is very significant for the improvement of enterprise benefit.

There is also a relatively innovative design of large crusher machinery, which is "replacing materials with materials". We all know that the wear degree of parts and components of the crusher is very high, and it is inevitable that there will be wear in constant collision with materials. Choose the new development of very large crushers, there is a comparative advantage is to be able to more thoroughly solve the problem of equipment wear. It is different from the traditional way to improve the wear-resistant material of equipment, but to reduce the consumption of wearing parts by replacing wear-resistant material with material. This is a new breakthrough and a new development idea in the field of crusher in the future.


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