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There Are Several Reasons For The Slow Starting Speed Of The Small Bentonite Mill

Last Update:2020-05-12 03:04:40

Once the start-up speed of the small bentonite mill is too slow in operation, the production will be slow and the equipment may be damaged in serious cases. What are the reasons for the slow start-up speed of the bentonite mill? How can we solve it? Let's follow the dawn of Zhengzhou. 1. The power of the motor is insufficient. When the bentonite mill starts, if the power of the motor is not enough to support the start-up of the mill, it will appear that the motor can not drive the operation of the bentonite mill, thus prolonging the start-up time of the equipment. In serious cases, it may also lead to the failure of the mill to start. 2. The starting current is too high. When the starting speed of bentonite mill is slow, there is a big reason because of the excessive current. The current instability will also cause the circuit and motor to burn out, which will impact the equipment to a certain extent. In the long run, the service life of the equipment will be greatly shortened. When we start the bentonite pulverizer, there are many points to pay attention to, such as the correct starting sequence and method. Before starting the bentonite pulverizer, check whether the sealing of the access door is tight, whether there is residual material in the equipment, and adjust the direction of the fan and the main engine. Check whether the exhaust valve of bentonite pulverizer is in the fully open position and whether the fastening state of bolts and screws is normal. When everything is normal, start the equipment in the order of elevator crusher analyzer main machine feeder. If the correct starting sequence is not adopted, it is easy to cause harm to the equipment.


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