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There Are Many Types Of Jaw Crusher Dies In Yunnan

Last Update:2020-05-10 05:40:42

As for jaw crusher, I believe that many people have a certain understanding of this kind of equipment. This is a traditional crushing equipment, including jaw crusher teeth and other supporting equipment, with high working efficiency. However, in the process of assembly production, there are often various problems and failures, which have a great impact on the normal production. In view of these common assembly problems of Yunnan jaw crusher, let's take a look at the basic solutions.

When assembling the jaw crusher in Yunnan, the ideal choice is to install the crusher plate. In this process, the broken plate and jaw plate need to be firmly fixed together, and at the same time, soft metal should be used as gasket to ensure that there is no vibration. Finally, the bolts should be tightened. Jaw crusher belt belongs to an integral part of the equipment. When working, it is necessary to regularly check the movement of the viewer. If any abnormality is found, it should be solved in time.

Yunnan jaw crusher is generally used to crush some large-scale materials. For some materials with high strength, there are often varying degrees of vibration in production. When crushing large materials, strong vibration of jaw crusher is actually quite normal. Generally, reinforced concrete can be used to stabilize the equipment. After the belt of jaw crusher runs normally, it is necessary to check whether there are cracks, looseness and other signs, and make reasonable adjustment in time to avoid great impact on production.

In the production process of jaw crusher, the screw will also loose. If this problem is not handled in time, it will lead to more serious wear between crusher and materials, lead to the damage of jaw crusher belt, and seriously affect the production efficiency. Therefore, once the parts or other faults of the equipment are found, it is necessary to report them to the maintenance personnel in time, find the appropriate maintenance methods for the fault parts, and recover the production of Yunnan jaw crusher as soon as possible.

As a common crushing equipment, Yunnan jaw crusher is widely used. During assembly, there may be various problems, which are described in detail above, as well as some common maintenance methods. It is hoped that all operators should do a good job in the maintenance of the equipment, check the jaw crusher dies and other parts in time, maintain and update the equipment in time, and ensure the stability of production.


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