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There Are Many Types Of Crushers For Metallurgy

Last Update:2020-05-04 16:30:04

At present, China's metallurgical industry is developing very rapidly, and with the increase of market demand, the requirements for metallurgical crushers have also increased a lot. In order to meet the market demand, it is not good for crusher manufacturers to produce a variety of different types of metallurgical auxiliary crushers, to provide more help for users. In the face of many types of crushers, users need to pay attention to a lot of things in the use process, the following is the introduction of relevant content.

Front line: in the working process of metallurgical auxiliary material crusher, the operator needs to stop the machine regularly to check the equipment, open the observation door of the equipment to see the internal wear condition of the equipment, especially the wear degree of the vulnerable parts such as the lining plate of the lower flow channel, the peripheral guard plate and the wear-resistant block. When the parts are worn to a certain degree, they should be replaced or repaired in time to prevent affecting the overall normal Work. It is forbidden for the operator to open the observation door to observe the working conditions inside the equipment during the working period of the metallurgical crusher, so as to prevent the occurrence of dangerous accidents.

Second: when the metallurgic crusher is used for 400 hours, the operator needs to add a proper amount of lubricating grease and strictly control the amount of lubricating grease, which should not be too large or too small; when the equipment is used for 2000 hours, the operator must clean the bearing to prevent the bearing from being too dirty to cause certain impact on the equipment; When the metallurgical crusher reaches 7200 hours, a new bearing is needed. There are also crusher bearings that have not been worn out before the equipment reaches 7200 hours, and need to be replaced.

Third: in the use of metallurgical crusher, if it is found that the tension of the transmission V-belt of the equipment is too large or too small, it should be adjusted in time until it is appropriate, so as to ensure the V-belt grouping and matching, so that the length of each group is as same as possible. The tension of V-belt has a great influence on the normal production and crushing effect of the equipment. If the tension is too large or too small and not adjusted in time and effectively, it will cause certain damage to the auxiliary material crusher of metallurgy. Therefore, the operator must check the V-belt regularly.


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