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There Are Many Parts Such As Spring And Copper Sleeve Of Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-05 07:39:22

Crusher is essential for modern production, we can see its busy figure in many fields. There are a lot of crusher parts, it is the mutual cooperation of these parts that completes the efficient operation of the equipment. However, in the actual production process, crusher injuries have occurred frequently, and there are also cases of death. The copper sleeve of crusher is also one of its basic components, so how to prevent the occurrence of personal injury during the operation of the equipment?

There are many parts of the crusher. In order to prevent the crusher from causing personal injury during operation, first of all, it is forbidden for non staff to get close to the equipment when the crusher is running, so as to prevent the material flying out during operation from causing fatal injury to personnel. The crusher spring is also one of the main components of the equipment. Before and after the operation of the equipment, the operator needs to hang up the curtain in time, so as to prevent the stone flying out of the equipment and hurting people.

Many operators fail to fix the copper sleeve of the crusher when operating the equipment, which will lead to various failures of the equipment during operation, which needs to be avoided. There are many types of crusher parts. When the crusher is working, it is possible that some non crushing materials may enter into the equipment and cause the crusher to jam. At this time, it must not be taken directly by hand. The correct way is to stop the machine first, and then take it out with professional tools to prevent personal accidents. When the crusher is running, the parts of the crusher need to be paid attention to by the operator at all times, and they should be tightened in time if they are loose. Once it is found that someone is tripped during operation, it is necessary to stop the equipment immediately for rescue. In addition, all operators should pay attention to that if there is no signal or the signal is not clear, do not start the crusher forcibly. After checking the spring and other parts of the crusher, the fault is completely eliminated before starting the machine.

Crusher spring and other parts are easy to have problems, which need all operators to pay attention to. In the process of crusher operation, it is necessary to prevent personal injury, check the parts of crusher timely before equipment operation to ensure that there is no fault. In addition, operators should strictly follow the instructions to operate, and strive for a longer service life of the crusher while ensuring efficient production.


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