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The Working Principle Of Jaw Crusher Determines The Operation Plan Of The Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-07 11:08:58

Jaw crusher has become a widely used equipment in the field of construction. Its main function is to crush all kinds of raw materials. Due to the wide range of crushed raw materials, this equipment has been used in most industries and fields in China. The principle of jaw crusher is very simple, mainly through the rotation of the equipment to produce a strong rotating force, which will squeeze and compress the raw materials It has a strong impact on the raw materials, and finally processes the raw materials into powder state, which is convenient for factories and enterprises to use these raw materials.

Before operating the equipment, people should first understand the schematic diagram of a jaw crusher, and then operate according to the drawing. The drawing structure is relatively complex. People can understand the basic principle and basic maintenance items of the equipment by observing the drawing. By understanding the principle of the equipment, people can operate the equipment more easily, and do a good job in maintenance. When the equipment breaks down, the operator can Repair the equipment and solve the problems in the operation of the equipment. In the process of operation, the equipment will be subject to huge external pressure and raw material pressure, which will eventually lead to a series of faults, including the wear of internal parts of the equipment, the wear of equipment bearings, etc.

Through the working schematic diagram of jaw crusher, it is easy to check which parts of the equipment have faults, so as to repair and deal with the faults pertinently, and quickly eliminate the equipment faults. The common faults of the equipment include the expansion of the hub hole of the equipment, and the equipment needs to be repaired by welding, which can be solved by the operators themselves, saving the trouble waiting for maintenance by the maintenance personnel , people need to do a good job of repair according to the drawing instructions, so that the equipment is in normal operation.

According to the requirements of the working schematic diagram of jaw crusher, basic maintenance operations shall be done well during the operation of the equipment. The equipment maintenance mainly includes three types, namely minor repair, medium repair and major repair. The lower repair mainly refers to the daily maintenance of the equipment, excluding the regular inspection and adjustment of the equipment, the repair of the equipment, the timely replacement of the parts easy to wear of the equipment, and the regular moistening of the equipment Check the storage of lubricating oil, and replace or add lubricating oil in time in case of insufficient lubricating oil.


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