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The Working Principle Of Deep Chamber Crusher Is Complex

Last Update:2020-05-01 03:01:52

It is necessary to strengthen the iron removal of ore feeding. In the crushing operation of deep chamber crusher, the non crushing materials are likely to enter into the crushing cavity along with the crushed materials. At this time, it is not cost-effective to stop for inspection. If not, the crusher will be damaged and a parking accident will occur. Before the deep chamber crusher works, the iron removal device can be installed to prevent the non broken material from entering the crushing chamber. When the non broken material enters, the iron removal device will work immediately to prevent the non broken material from causing certain damage to the equipment.

Broken materials should not be too sticky or wet. Deep chamber crusher has a certain range of requirements for material characteristics. Generally, the viscosity and moisture content of materials to be broken cannot be too large, otherwise the production efficiency and the quality of finished products will be affected. The materials with high viscosity are easy to adhere to the inside of the equipment during crushing, causing blockage and affecting the production efficiency. Materials with high humidity may also cause equipment blockage and poor quality of broken products, affecting production. In addition, the deep chamber crusher also has certain requirements for the particle size of the materials to be crushed, which can not be too large or too small, and will have a certain impact on the crushing effect.

Check the deep chamber crusher regularly. After the crusher works for a period of time, the operator shall carry out corresponding inspection work, and it must not be considered that the newly purchased crusher does not need to be inspected, etc., which is an abnormal practice and has a certain impact on the future work of the equipment. Whether it's new equipment or old equipment, it's necessary to check the equipment regularly to see whether each component is normal, to see how the lubrication system is, how the quality of the lubricating oil is, etc. once the problem is found, it's necessary to solve it in a timely manner. Don't wait until the major fault occurs and regret it later.


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