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The Unique Structure Advantage And Performance Analysis Of Shanghai Cone Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-06 18:04:22

Through understanding, it is not difficult to find that the new jaw break and the new cone break are commonly used mechanical crushing equipment at this stage. At the same time, the two common categories of these two kinds of superior crushers are divided specifically to meet the needs of different industries and industrial production. Before that, we had a more comprehensive understanding of the new jaw crusher. Take Shanghai cone crusher as an example, we have a comprehensive understanding of the cone crusher, through the cone crusher accessories and structural drawings for a comprehensive understanding:

First of all, professionals pointed out that before we knew about Shanghai cone crusher, we need to correct a common misunderstanding. Many people think that cone crusher is not a relatively new type of crusher, but it is not. Although it has decades of history in foreign countries, it has also experienced many improvements and innovations, with very perfect production theory and operation principles. But in terms of domestic form, the prosperity of cone crusher is still a relatively modern generation of equipment, and these decisive factors are also due to its unique nature, unique structure and accessories of cone crusher. Now, we have a comprehensive understanding of the unique working principle and superior performance of the cone crusher as follows:

First of all, the Shanghai cone crusher uses the lamination crushing principle to process materials. The original cone crusher mainly uses static pressure to crush materials, which determines its control over the particle shape of the outgoing materials. Therefore, it has greater limitations and its own disadvantages, which is the main reason why we introduced the cone crusher later. The improved cone crusher structure diagram and accessories make full use of the influence of lamination theory and the concept of more crushing and less grinding. The crushing method of extrusion and grinding is adopted for the materials, which effectively solves the existing problems, effectively solves the needle sheet materials, and makes the cone crusher stand in the field of sand and stone production. On the other hand, the rapid development of domestic economy in recent years has laid an economic foundation for the universal use of cone crusher, a high-performance equipment


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