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The Treatment Of The Unstability Of The Ore Discharge Outlet In The Data Abstract Of The Cone Crusher

Last Update:2020-05-04 13:28:29

At present, cone crusher is one of the most widely used crushing equipment in various production. In the summary of cone crusher, some basic properties and operation specifications of cone crusher are clearly marked. However, in practical applications, many users will have more or less all kinds of problems, especially the instability of ore discharge outlet is more common. Let's take a look at the cause analysis and basic treatment methods for the instability of the ore discharge opening in the cone crusher data.

The development of cone crusher technology is very fast, but one of the reasons for the instability of ore discharge port is the leakage of main valve of cone crusher. The main valve is usually installed under the hydraulic cylinder. When the cone crusher is in operation, it can realize the rapid lowering of the dynamic cone, and then protect the equipment. However, if it is used for a long time, it will cause spring fatigue or impurity residue, resulting in a large amount of return oil. The way to deal with this problem in the data of cone crusher is to observe whether there is oil return phenomenon in time and clean or replace the main valve in time.

In the production of cone crusher, another reason for the instability of ore discharge port is the damage of safety valve. According to the data of cone crusher, the function of safety valve is mainly to ensure the pressure value of the system. However, once the cone crusher is used for a long time, it will find more or less changes compared with the initial set value. For this reason, the processing method given in the summary of cone crusher is to check the dynamic cone lifting and lowering of ball valve at any time, so as to judge whether the safety valve has problems, and To solve the problem.

If the hydraulic oil of cone crusher is mixed with air, it will also lead to unstable discharge port. Abstract introduction of cone crusher: generally, when replacing the hydraulic components, how much air is left in the hydraulic pipeline of cone crusher. With the continuous production, the gas compression ratio will increase, which will cause the instability of hydraulic cylinder lifting. Therefore, according to the records of cone crusher, it is necessary to open the vent valve after replacing the hydraulic components The air on the surface is completely discharged.

It is very common for the cone crusher to have unstable ore discharge outlet. According to the relevant records in the cone crusher data, we also have a simple understanding of the common causes and some basic processing methods. For all operators, the operation of the cone crusher must be carried out in strict accordance with the summary rules of the cone crusher, so as to ensure that the cone crusher has fewer failures and its very large production efficiency.


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