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The Technological Process Of Large Crusher In Quarry Is Complex

Last Update:2020-05-11 07:45:24

With the market demand for sand and stone, more and more quarries appear to meet the market demand for sand and stone and promote the infrastructure construction in China. The crusher process in the quarry is relatively complex. The general small quarry does not have the specification of crusher operation. It is very casual in the use of the equipment and never operates the equipment according to the correct steps, which will have a certain impact on the quality of the equipment and the finished products. Therefore, when operating the large crusher in the quarry, we must pay attention to the following items:

1、 Precautions before starting the large crusher in the quarry. First, check the lubrication of the bearing of each quarrying equipment to see if there is enough lubricating oil; check the fasteners of the quarrying equipment, if any loose parts are found, they shall be fastened in time to prevent affecting the normal quarrying work; check whether there is ore or other sundries in the crushing cavity of the quarrying equipment, if any, they shall be removed in time to avoid certain damage to the equipment. Due to the complexity of the crusher process in the quarry, it is recommended that the quarry select excellent personnel with certain technical ability to operate the equipment.

2、 Precautions for commissioning. Before the large crusher in the quarry enters into the formal production, it must be tested to prevent the failure of the equipment in the use process. During no-load test run, it is necessary to ensure the condition of all fastening parts and the operation of flywheel and sheave are in good condition before entering the test run. After continuous operation of the equipment for 2 hours, check whether the temperature of bearing has increased; during on load test run, it is mainly to observe whether the equipment makes abnormal sound during normal operation, if necessary, find out the cause and solve it.

3、 Precautions for the operation of large crusher in quarry. When the above two conditions are suitable for production, the equipment can be put into normal production. When feeding, pay attention that the speed should not be too fast or too slow to let the material enter the crushing chamber of the equipment at a constant speed; do not put the material with too large or too small particles, otherwise it will affect the crushing quality and speed up the wear of the equipment; when the large material is stuck, it needs to be stopped and taken out. We all know that the process of crusher in quarry is not simple. We must pay attention to the production link of equipment.


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