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The Structure Of Crusher Rotor Assembly Is Complex

Last Update:2020-05-14 10:58:35

The general working environment of crusher is very bad, in such an environment, long-term work is likely to lead to different degrees of wear of crusher rotor. Once the rotor is seriously worn, the normal operation of the production line may be greatly affected, and the rotor is one of the vulnerable objects. Generally speaking, the rotor structure of crusher is relatively complex, so what should be paid attention to when using it?

The structure of the crusher rotor is a little complex, and this kind of rotor is expensive. At the same time, once there is a problem, it is a little difficult to replace it, which often leads to production outage. Once there is a problem with the rotor, it is necessary to adjust the tightness of the inner and outer rings of the rotor in time, which is the place where the problem is easy to occur. This is because the crusher generally bears a large impact load when it works, and the operation of the crusher rotor is affected by the comprehensive influence of the inner and outer rings.

During the working process of the rotor, its inner and outer rings move continuously, and the force on its running track will be from large to small, and then from small to large, so that it will cycle back and forth, so the inner ring cooperation needs to be closer. On the contrary, the outer ring is generally loose. When the crusher rotor structure is running, it will be impacted by a small range of motion, which can disperse the stress point and extend the service life of the crusher rotor.

When the crusher rotor is running, it is necessary to improve its balance accuracy. The quality of the crusher rotor is generally large, and the speed is very high. Once there is a little deviation in the manufacturing of the rotor, it may cause an unbalanced force, and long-term operation is likely to cause damage to the parts. If the overall diameter of the crusher rotor structure is small, the quality of the blocking plates on both sides can be changed to keep the balance; if the diameter is large, the relevant configuration can be placed on the outside, so as to maintain the overall balance.

The structure of the rotor assembly of which crusher is very complex. The above detailed explanation is given to the matters needing attention in operation. I believe that everyone has more understanding of the operation matters of the rotor. It is hoped that all operators can carry out safety production in strict accordance with the requirements, regularly and comprehensively inspect the rotor of crusher and other vulnerable parts, and timely check and repair if any fault is found, so as to ensure the normal operation of production.


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