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The Structural Characteristics Of Stone Impact Breaking Machine

Last Update:2020-05-11 07:32:00

Many people may not have heard of the stone counterattack mechanism, but because of the existence of stone counterattack, our city will become so beautiful, and our houses will be so solid. The main reason for this is that in the construction units, sand and stone are needed. If there is no sand and stone, the houses will not be so solid when they are built, and there will be no tall buildings now. The purpose of the stone impact test is to produce the sand and stone needed by the building.

When excavating sand and stone, it is necessary to use the stone impact breaking machine. The main function of the stone impact breaking machine is to process and produce the excavated ore and stone, and process some coarse ore with specific price into some sand and stone that can be directly used for production. The sand and stone mining in every place is limited. When the sand and stone mining in an area is completed, the mining place needs to be transferred, which is to transfer the equipment. For large-scale equipment such as stone impact breaking, one-time transfer is more difficult, and it is on the river bank, so it is not easy to transfer, so the manufacturer designed the stone impact breaking experimental infrastructure before production and manufacturing, so that it is easy to dismantle and install. In this way, when the sand and stone in an area is mined out and needs to be transferred, these mining facilities It is very convenient to transfer the equipment.

Maybe someone will ask how to install and disassemble the stone impact breaking machine. In fact, this problem is relatively simple, because when buying products, the family will provide a manual, which will contain the detailed content of the stone impact breaking diagram. Customers can install and disassemble according to the steps in the manual and the diagram, without the need for professional personnel to operate, so it is very convenient to carry. Generally speaking, the stone impact breaking machine is installed on concrete or steel with strong structure. Of course, the installation position of the equipment mainly depends on whether the base can bear 4 times of the weight of the equipment. If it can't, it can't be installed.

Of course, according to the different working environment, the installation position of the stone impact crack is also different. Only the above conditions need to be met, but the main pump must be vertical to the horizontal plane during installation. After the installation of the foundation parts, enough space should be reserved for the stone impact breaking. The purpose of this is to meet the maintenance work in the future.


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