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The Reason Why The User Is Not Recommended To Buy The Second Hand Grinder

Last Update:2020-05-04 14:46:23

As the environmental protection inspection is more and more strict now, it is a big impact for the mining industry and the ore crushing and grinding processing industry, directly eliminating a large number of manufacturers engaged in mining. This will lead some manufacturers to want to sell used crushers and mills. There are also some users who want to buy a second-hand grinding machine. Although the second-hand grinding opportunity is relatively cheap, there are many things that users don't understand. Here's a small compilation to analyze the reasons why manufacturers don't recommend users to buy a second-hand grinding machine. First, the equipment has been used for a long time. Now most of the mills are made of high-hardness steel plate, which can bear a large impact force. Moreover, the service life of the equipment is relatively long, and the service life of some high-performance large-scale equipment is longer. Although the outside of some mills is well preserved, the inside of the equipment will be relatively thin due to the long-term impact and collision of materials. Second, it's difficult for different models of grinding machines produced by different manufacturers to use equipment accessories. The models of grinding roller and grinding ring are different. The longer the equipment is used, the more difficult it is to replace wearing parts. This is also the reason why the discharge rate and passing rate of the equipment cannot be guaranteed. Third, the second-hand equipment purchased in general may have some performance problems if the after-sales maintenance is insufficient. If the buyer can find the direct manufacturer of the equipment, the problem will be solved quickly. If we can't find the manufacturer, the equipment will be more difficult to maintain, which will have a great impact on the production efficiency of the buyer. Fourth, the lack of technical guidance for the purchase of new products manufacturers will send technical guidance service installation, for the purchase of second-hand equipment is not these services. Many buyers need to solve their own technical problems, which has a great impact on production. Unreasonable design will occupy a large area of land, resulting in unnecessary waste of site funds. For the buyer who wants to buy second-hand equipment, he must consult the seller about the manufacturer, model, diameter of grinding roller and grinding ring, purchase amount, etc., so as to sign a purchase contract, so as to contact the equipment manufacturer for help in the later stage.


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