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The Reason And Solution Of High Temperature Of Kaolin Mill Equipment

Last Update:2020-05-07 16:02:35

As a common equipment in industrial pulverizing equipment, kaolin mill has great market value and wide market coverage. It is one of the common pulverizing equipment in the field of industrial pulverizing. But the problem of too high temperature is often encountered in the kaolin mill. If it is not solved in time, the efficiency of powder discharge and the service life of the equipment will be affected. Therefore, today dawn small edition to talk about in detail, how to find the cause, to reduce the temperature of the kaolin mill. 1. Reason: the working principle of friction heating kaolin mill determines that a lot of friction and pressure are indispensable in the process of grinding. We believe that everyone can understand the principle of friction heating. Therefore, the temperature in the main machine of kaolin mill is often higher, and as time goes on, the longer the machine is used, the higher the temperature will be. Solutions: first, ensure the sealing of the bearing, avoid dust and impurities entering, resulting in increased friction; second, timely do a good job in lubrication, regularly add grease to the bearing, grinding roller and other components as required, so as to increase the flexibility of each component and minimize unnecessary friction. And pay attention to the selection of grease, to choose the right brand for the equipment, not blindly misuse. Bearings should also be cleaned regularly and kept clean. 2. Cause: the hot air fan is also a common cause of overheating of kaolin mill. Generally, the reason why the fan is hot is that the wind pressure is too high. In the process of operation, workers often accidentally touch the fan equipment, which will change the wind pressure of the fan, resulting in the heating of the motor. Solution: be careful during operation, do not change the fan equipment at will to ensure its wind pressure is stable. 3. Cause: if the air is not circulating, if the air inside and outside the main engine of the kaolin mill is not circulating, the air temperature inside the main engine will also rise. Solution: open the ventilation pipe, adjust the ventilation of the main machine, so that the airflow inside and outside the kaolin mill will convection, so as to reduce the temperature in the main machine and avoid excessive temperature. For more details, please pay attention to our official account of WeChat.


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