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The Reason And Harm Of Equipment Runaway In Wuxi Crusher Net

Last Update:2020-05-05 23:21:05

Wuxi crusher is widely used in many production lines, such as stone production line, sand production line and so on. In the process of production, many users will encounter the phenomenon of "runaway" of equipment, which will bring great harm to the equipment itself, and bring great losses to the enterprise, which can be said to be more than worth the loss. Now let's ask Wuxi crusher network to tell us why the crushing equipment will appear "runaway" phenomenon and what are the hazards.

Experts of Wuxi crusher network say that if the load is too large during the production of the equipment, there will be a "runaway". The ore that enters the crushing chamber and waits for crushing will be squeezed by the later materials before it can be broken. In this way, the blockage of the crushing chamber of Wuxi crusher will be inevitable. Then it will lead to the overload operation of the equipment, which will cause the motor of the crusher to be burned out or the gear to be broken, which is also a huge threat to the personal safety of the operators.

After the "runaway" of Wuxi crusher, the lubricating oil in the equipment will gradually become thinner, and then the bowl bearing of the equipment will be thrown out. If not handled in time, the lubricating oil will continue to wear and tear, resulting in huge friction of equipment parts, resulting in parts damage. In addition, Wuxi jaw crusher manufacturer also told us that once the cone of the crusher is running at high speed, it is generally very unstable, and there is severe vibration, so that the bowl shaped shaft bears a great impact load, and the bearing is damaged.

If the crusher appears the phenomenon of "flying" for a long time, it may cause the cracking of the cone sleeve or the complete burning out, the consequences will be very serious. If the friction between the eccentric shaft sleeve and the contact area of the burning point of Wuxi crusher keeps heating and expanding, it will not be restored to the original status after the complete cooling, which will lead to complete deformation and can not be restored again. Once not handled in time, the taper sleeve will gradually fall off or crack.

Wuxi jaw crusher monopoly manufacturers have many, relevant experts said that in the process of equipment production, "flying" phenomenon is relatively common, and this phenomenon has brought great impact on the normal production, the harm is great. All operators of Wuxi crusher shall be reminded to operate the equipment in strict accordance with the production requirements, ensure safe and stable production, timely find out the abnormal phenomena of the equipment and take effective solutions to ensure smooth production.


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