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The Quotation Of Pe 250x1200 Crusher Is Different

Last Update:2020-05-10 01:11:11

PE-250 crusher is a commonly used crushing equipment in mining production, which brings great convenience to mining. In normal production, due to various reasons, the equipment will have different problems, which will have a great impact on the normal production. The quotation of 250 * 1200 crusher is different at present. How to eliminate some common faults in production? Let's see the experts' introduction.

Generally speaking, the temperature rise of PE-250 crusher bearing in normal production is lower than 35 ℃, and the ideal temperature rise can not exceed 70 ℃. If the temperature rises too high, it is necessary to shut down the machine in time for inspection, or add lubricating oil appropriately to reduce the friction between parts of 250 * 1200 crusher, or adjust the tightness of the bearing and replace it with a new one.

It is also very common for the main engine to stop suddenly, which is often referred to as "stuffy car". Once this happens, it is necessary to check the discharge port of 250 * 1200 crusher to see if it is blocked and ensure that it can discharge smoothly. In addition, the PE-250 crusher drive sheave V-belt should be inspected. If it is loose, it should be tightened in time or replaced with a new V-belt.

In the production process of 250 * 1200 crusher, it is possible that the product particle size will become coarse. The cause of this situation is generally due to the severe wear of the lower part of the gear plate of the crusher. Therefore, it is necessary to check and adjust the lower part of the toothed plate of the crusher in time, so that the product granularity will be improved.

In the actual production, the output of PE-250 crusher can not meet the production demand, which often happens. For all operators, this must be checked in time. If the jaw plate of 250 * 1200 crusher is worn or does not meet the production standard, it must be replaced in time.

250 * 1200 crusher may have a variety of faults in the production process. This paper introduces these common faults and troubleshooting methods in detail. It is hoped that all operators and users can pay attention to this, do a good job in the supervision and maintenance of the equipment, regularly check the PE-250 crusher, and remove the faults in time if found, so as to ensure the smooth operation of the production line.


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