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The Quotation Of Counterattack And The Practical Application Of Counterattack

Last Update:2020-05-02 18:29:27

"How much is the price of counterattack" is basically a very concerned issue for every customer who purchases counterattack, so the price of counterattack has become the front line element for customers to choose to counterattack. In fact, the key to reduce the energy consumption and improve the long-term energy consumption is to choose the manufacturer who will do a good job of after-sales service for customers.

There are many advantages of counterattack, mainly because of its small volume, large crushing proportion, low noise in the production process, simple overall structure and convenient maintenance, so the quotation of counterattack in the market is not cheap. The production rate of counter breaking is quite high, the particle size of the crushed material is also quite uniform, and the safety measures are relatively perfect, the overload protection is sensitive, the production is safe and reliable, etc., which are the important reasons for the high price of counter breaking.

Although the price of counterattack is not cheap, it is determined by the above advantages. Counterattack is mainly suitable for crushing coal, mining, chemical industry, building materials and other industries, but it is more suitable for crushing large-scale coal mines or raw coal. There are also some rare areas that will use this kind of equipment, such as methanol, PVC and other fields, so counterattack does not affect the price Customers' preference for counterattack.

Although customers will be very concerned about the issue of "how much is the counterattack broken", no matter how much is the counterattack broken, there are still many skills to be mastered in the use of counterattack broken. For example, when installing the impact break, all fasteners shall be fastened during installation and before commissioning, and regular inspection shall be conducted during production and operation. During installation, attention shall be paid to the irreversibility of the impact break rotation direction (the rotation direction marked on the pulley). The clearance between the impact plate and the plate hammer shall be gradually reduced according to the work requirements. After adjustment, rotate the rotor several times by hand to check whether there is impact. After the adjustment, the sleeve nut shall be locked to prevent the nut from loosening after the impact plate is vibrated, and the nut will gradually drop and collide with the plate hammer, resulting in an accident.

Generally speaking, although how much money a counterattack break will affect customers' choice of counterattack break, customers with real vision will not have too much consideration on counterattack break quotation. What they really care about is whether the manufacturer implements strict quality inspection and sales mode in enterprise management, whether the technology is constantly innovated, and whether it can provide good after-sales service for the production line.


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