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The Production Capacity Of Jaw Crusher Is Strong

Last Update:2020-05-08 19:39:59

Jaw crusher is one of the most common and traditional crushers. The general operating environment of this kind of crusher is very bad. However, once the equipment is not well maintained in the low temperature environment, there will be a variety of failures, which will seriously affect the production capacity of jaw crusher. So in order to ensure the output of jaw crusher at low temperature, what should be paid attention to?

1. Selection of fuel oil. Generally speaking, the freezing point of diesel oil should be 5 ℃ lower than the normal working temperature, so as to ensure the output of jaw crusher. Especially in winter when the equipment is maintained, it is necessary to timely clean the oil system of the rotary dryer, pay attention to the filter screen and filter element of the equipment, and timely discharge the internal sewage, so as to improve the production capacity of the jaw crusher.

2. Diesel engine oil change. For jaw crusher, it is generally necessary to select some high-performance oil in low temperature environment, which has a great impact on the output of jaw crusher. Because this type of high temperature will also cause oxidation, and there will be no debris and sediment left in the production process. It not only improves the production capacity of the jaw crusher, but also greatly improves the service life of the diesel engine, and finally extends the service life of the jaw crusher.

3. Change lubricating oil and grease in time. Generally, the temperature is very low in winter. At this time, if you want to ensure the production capacity of jaw crusher, you need to do well in equipment seasonal maintenance. The general measures to be taken are to reasonably replace the gear oil inside the differential, transmission, steering gear, transfer gear, etc. of the jaw crusher, select some gear oil suitable for winter use for replacement, and pay attention to cleaning the interior before replacement, so as to ensure the output of the jaw crusher.

In fact, the production capacity of jaw crusher is very strong, but the operation of the equipment in different environments needs to pay attention to some maintenance matters. At the same time, effective maintenance measures shall be taken to regularly check the equipment and internal parts. If serious wear is found, timely maintenance or thorough replacement shall be carried out, so as to maintain the output of jaw crusher, bring greater power to the development of the enterprise and obtain more production benefits.


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